Hundreds volunteer to search for Morgan Harrington

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WWBT) - A massive search effort is set to begin Friday morning to find missing Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington. It was standing room only as hundreds of volunteers gathered in Charlottesville to register for the three day intensive ground search.

About four hundred people made it out last night. But quite a few more volunteers are expected to show up on day one of the search for Morgan.

With hope and a prayer.

"Father God we come together as a community of volunteers," said Laura Recovery Center Co-founder, Bob Smither.

Nearly four hundred people crammed into the Cavalier Inn.

"You're willing to be a team leader right," said one volunteer to another.

The line stretched to the lobby. All share one goal: to bring Morgan back to her family.

"We are here to find Morgan and to bring her home she is out there somewhere," said Morgan's father Dan Harrington.

Kailyn Lavoie knew Morgan from high school. She drove up from JMU and got right to work.

"She was such a sweet girl so anyway I can help her family would be really good," said Lavoie.

Greg Scott could no longer sit at home.

"When an opportunity came up to help somebody come volunteer volunteerism is what makes your soul better," said Scott.

But time is the enemy says Smither whose 12 year old daughter was abducted and murdered in 1997. Morgan has been missing for nearly three weeks.

"Our objective is to cover as much ground as possible to try to find anything at all that indicates where Morgan might be," said Smither.

Smither fielded many questions. Teams will work in two to four hour shifts.

Beginning where Morgan was last seen at the Copeley Road bridge near the John Paul Jones arena where she had gone to see Metallica.

"If anything looks like evidence we tell them to stop flag it call the recovery," said Smither.

Starting at 9AM Friday, volunteers will meet at the Virginia Department of Forestry at 900 Natural Resources Drive in Charlottesville.

You're welcome to join in on the search at any time as long as you're over age 18. Just make sure you bring a photo ID. The group will look for Morgan through Sunday.

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