Henrico County manager calls for 2.5% cut in all departments

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - With state aid dropping, and local tax revenues going in the same direction, Henrico county departments are having to cut back.

"I have asked them for a 2.5 percent reduction in their budget across the board," said Henrico County Manager Virgil Hazelett.

The 2.5 percent, will save the county about $12 million in operating expenses and it's not changing the manager's position on a possible tax increase.

"I see no reason whatsoever to consider a tax rate increase," he said.

To local and state leaders, the news is not surprising, nor is it encouraging.

"The more emotional aspect comes in when you have to deal with families and people who are totally dependent on the state budget and they have no other choice," Senator Walter Stosch said.

The proposed cuts in Henrico appear to be less severe than other cities and counties, largely because of Henrico's history of conservative spending. While workers will likely be traveling less and buying fewer supplies - at least, it appears they'll all be keeping their jobs.

"I'm not considering any layoffs of employees, not considering any reduction in services, simply looking internally to pull what we can from the budget," Stosch said.

But the numbers aren't final. The projections are expected to change at least one more time before the next county budget is proposed.

In a separate announcement today, the county will start receiving more tax dollars from Short Pump Town Center because infrastructure around the mall is now paid off. The county expects to generate another $8 million in the next fiscal year.

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