Hundreds line up for swine flu vaccine

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Henrico health officials say they're really pushing for people in the high-risk group to get vaccinated. In fact even after waiting for hours, they're asking some adults to give up their spot. But no matter the campaign, if you're one of the lucky 1,000 people in line tonight with a ticket, you can't be turned away.

It's not the news you want to hear after standing in line for more than two hours.

"We're going to ask people who are not high risk if they'd be willing to wait and give up their seat to someone who is in our high risk categories," said Mike Magner, Henrico County Health Department.

The Henrico Health Department only has 1,000 doses and the line is long.

"They'll know pretty early if they didn't make the cutoff," said Magner.

With a shadow of hundreds, Virginia Patterson knows she's golden.

"I feel very fortunate in this part of the line rather than that part of the line," said Virginia Patterson. "I have a few little problems, challenges that I need to get it."

Virginia showed up minutes before Jennifer Rowe, yet the mom of two is several yards behind.

"We showed up around one and we have been trying to get the H1-N1 virus from our pediatrician and they didn't' have any," said Rowe.

So she and her sons are camping out until they get in.

"We packed a bag before we came with snacks and activities so we're in pretty good shape," she said.

James Woody wishes he at least brought a chair.

"Anything that's free, I'm ready to stand in line for it," he said.

He's just glad he's got clear view of the end in sight. A couple hundred were hidden deep in the woods of Deep Run Park.

"Been very busy for the last three weeks, so this is not surprising at all," said Magner.

All of the 1,000 tickets were handed out. Now it's up to the handful of nurses to inoculate the crowd that's left. With Henrico police on hand, there have been no major problems.

If you want to be vaccinated, another 800 doses will be administered at a clinic in Chesterfield tomorrow. It's from one to six at the Chesterfield Health Department. That's on Lucy Corr Circle, off Ironbridge Road. The clinic is open to anyone in the area...first come, first served.

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