McDonnell wants to get things done as governor

By Sunni Blevins - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Later this afternoon, Bob McDonnell is hosting a press conference to detail specifics on his campaign.

The Republican Governor-Elect has already made promises he says he'll keep.

Governor-elect Bob McDonnell will soon be spending a lot more time at the State Capitol, but even though he hasn't officially taken off, his plans are already in place.

The votes are in, and Bob McDonnell says he's ready to become the 71st Governor of Virginia.

"I want to be a governor that gets things done.  The first order of business will be taking those numerous promises that I made during the course of the campaign and saying what is the best way I can accomplish this in as short a period of time as possible."

McDonnell believes his stance on lower taxes and belief in Virginians helped him win.

"I know that people in Virginia are hurting and they want to see a governor that will focus on jobs and the economy and transportation and education and energy, and just create a new sense of optimism that we can have better days in Virginia."

McDonnell called Democrat Creigh Deeds a worthy opponent.

Deeds, who congratulated the governor-elect last night, says this loss is not the end for him.

"We lose an election but we don't give up. We still have fight, we still have spirit, we still have things to say. There's still people that need a voice!"

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