Bolling re-elected Lieutenant Governor

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Republican Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has been elected to a second term, defeating former state Finance Secretary Jody Wagner. Returns from today's election show Bolling easily turned back Wagner, who worked for the last two democratic governors.

Bolling is the first Lieutenant Governor to run for re-election since Don Beyer in 1993. He says he's ready to begin working on revitalizing the economy here in the commonwealth.

The biggest concern to voters is jobs here in Virginia. This year we've seen about a 100 percent higher unemployment rate than 3 years ago.

"I wanna thank the people of Virginia. I want to thank the people of Virginia for the confidence they've placed on our republican team. You know I'm proud of the campaign we ran. This was a campaign of issues and ideas. We didn't ask for anyone's vote or their support by tearing anybody down. We asked them for their vote and their support by lifting up our new ideas for a better Virginia," said Lt. Governor Elect Bill Bolling.

"Election is complete but our tasks remain. We have got to continue to focus on the next generation. Like every parent in this room, I want my children and I know you want your children to be able to grow up in Virginia to live in Virginia and to raise their families in Virginia So that's why we have to keep fighting," said Candidate Jody Wagner.

Bolling wants to increase jobs by providing tax incentives for business to get Virginians back to work. He feels his opponent, Jody Wagner, has mismanaged the state budget under Kaine and Warner, which led to the recent billion dollar shortfall.

He's ready to tackle this head-on as the first thing he does in office and promises improvements across the commonwealth. Bolling promises a better Virginia. He thanked voters for the confidence that they placed in the Republican Party. He also says he plans to reign in government spending and turn deficits into surpluses.

During her concession speech, Wagner stated that our work is not over. There's a lot of work to be done now to fix the state's billion dollar shortfall. She called and congratulated Bolling just a few hours ago.

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