Republican Cuccinelli wins Attorney General race

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Earlier tonight Republican Senator Ken Cuccinelli's camp said they we're confident Cuccinelli would come out on top tonight. We know now that he will be the next Attorney General for the commonwealth.

Senator Cuccinelli came on stage with broom in hand, indicative of a sweep by the republican candidates. During his acceptance speech he commended his opponent, Delegate Steve Shannon, on running a good race.

Cuccinelli has pledged to limit government and to fight for Virginia's right-to-work law. We heard from both men shortly after the race was called.

"You all on the grass root level have helped us get our message out and get over the top and I want to thank all of you here and behind me," said Ken Cuccinelli.

"I know Ken has an interest in combating gang activity, an interest in combating internet predators who prey on kids. And that's something I want to work with him on," said Steve Shannon.

Attorney General Elect Cuccinelli says he will now begin working on a transition team that will be filled with folks who are committed to protecting the liberties of Virginians.

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