Voter turnout

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - From Chesterfield Providence Elementary...

"Today is very thin very thin," said Chesterfield voter Millie Burkes.

To Richmond's 31st Baptist Church...

"This year there wasn't anybody in line," said Walter Dotts, Richmond voter.

It didn't matter where you went today, voter turnout was light.

"We're already at pretty good numbers. It's been steady. But not as busy as the presidential," said Lee Crowell, Richmond Election Official.

Everyone had their theories why.

"Last year there was a lot more interest in the election the national election. Just a whole lot of people here that aren't here today," Manly Brown said.

"It was Obama, I think it was Obama. This year not so big," said Lisa Clayton, Chesterfield voter.

"It was very exciting to see a man of color and a female running for vice President of the United States," Ramon Moore said.

Some polling precincts were boosted by local races... Richmond's 7th district has 6 candidates vying for a city council seat.

"I don't think District 7 is going to go wrong no matter who we get in there," said Garry Powell, 7th District Council Seat Candidate.

"I'm glad for the response and the turnout from the voters. I think we've given a great response in this district today," said Robin Robinson, 7th District Council Seat Candidate.

But Richmond's mayor says his city can do better and with an hour left until the polls close he's asking last minute voters to get up off their couches.

"The governor's already said that there's an additional 1.5 million dollars that's got to come out of the budget. Richmond's going to be affected by that. So you need to be sure you get whoever you want to be at the state capital. Who's going to do the right thing to make sure we don't cut services, don't cut education? Don't cut health care," said Mayor Dwight Jones.

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