Search warrants unsealed in Farmville quadruple murder

By Tara Morgan - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan - email

FARMVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Police have released new information in the Farmville murder case about what police recovered at the scene of the horrific crime.

Authorities released nearly 50 pages of court documents from the Prince Edward County circuit court including the search warrant executed at the home of murdered Longwood professor Debra Kelley.

It details what police recovered from the crime scene including several possible weapons.

According to one search warrant unsealed Tuesday, 98 items were recovered from Kelley's house on First Avenue in Farmville, including a stained ball-peen hammer from a front bedroom and a wood splitting maul from the kitchen.

Suspect Richard Sam McCroskey, 20, is charged with six counts of capital murder in the September bludgeoning deaths of Kelley, 53, her estranged husband pastor Mark Niederbrock, 50, their daughter Emma, 16, and Emma's friend Melanie Wells, 18.

Three of the four bodies were found in a bedroom, according to the warrant. Police believe mark niederbrock was the last person killed.

Longwood criminology major, Sarah Works, says her professor got a discussion going in class about the capital murder indictments against McCroskey.

"I think it's sick and disgusting," said Longwood student Sarah Works. "I think it's perfectly acceptable I think he deservers everything coming him."

McCroskey's trial date will be set on January 19.  McCroskey remains at the Piedmont Regional Jail, in isolation.

He was arrested the Saturday after the murders when he was located at Richmond International Airport, awaiting a flight home to California.

Mark Niederbrock and Kelley were driving the others back from a horrorcore music festival in Michigan -- possibly just a day before the murders took place. Authorities still have not released a motive for the killings.

There are six counts of capital murder, because the grand jury decided these killings represent more than one type of capital murder. McCroskey's 7th indictment is for stealing a car.

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