Deeds, Democrats make push for votes

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Saying "Sleep is overrated", Creigh Deeds and other top democrats are ignoring public opinion polls, and launching a full court press for votes.

"The only poll that counts, open at 6am, tomorrow," said Deeds.

It was an hour-long appearance that was short on specifics, but packed with energy. The state senator from Bath County sprinkled in stories of his childhood to a room full with mostly VCU students. Earlier, the man Deeds is hoping to succeed said it's not impossible for an underdog to win.

"Sometimes, the polls look better for them. Sometimes the pundits are more favorable to them. But come Election Day, we have something that they don't have...and that's you!" said Governor Tim Kaine.

While it may not be impossible - our political analyst says, to come back from a double digit deficit, is no easy task.

"It's unusual for something like that to happen, but we don't have enough examples from history to say," said Dan Palazzolo.

Which is why, he said, it's important for the democrats to rally their base. A good closing argument can make even the biggest of frontrunners worried.

"Very few politicians are not worried the day before an election whether the lead is 10 points, 20 points or no points," said Palazzolo.

Deeds made no mention of his republican opponent by name. There would be no personal attacks. Only a call to action, for the significant job ahead.

"I'm asking you to be all in for us. If you're all in for us, we're all in for you. Let's get this done!!" said Deeds.

The Deeds campaign continues tonight in Fairfax before resuming tomorrow morning in Bath County, and then wrapping up election night back in Richmond.

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