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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's Jonye Cordova's job to create the look behind many professional model shoots. Just like us, she wants her makeup to last as long as possible.

"You want to invest in product that will be multipurpose. A rosy pink is the quickest way to brighten up a face. Dust a little bit of blush on the eyes," said Jonye Cordova, freelance makeup artist.

What you use for that application can make a difference.

"Brushes definitely prolong the longevity of your products," Cordova said.

Hate reapplying eyeliner?

"Water resistant liners, they go on smoother and they last longer."

Don't toss a flat lipstick; it still holds about a half inch.

"Get a little brush and dig it in there, you probably have another 3 weeks maybe a month worth of lipstick left."

Can't get that last bit of gloss out of the tube? Submerge it in a warm cup of water and you'll get another week or two of product. Old toothbrushes can serve many purposes too.

"Defining the lashes after putting on mascara, you can also put a little moisturizer on the toothbrush and put it on your lips and it will exfoliate any dead skin you have on your lips. A little bit of gel on the toothbrush and it will help unruly brows go a little more streamline," she said.

And don't waste your money on expensive eye creams. A cold mask will do the trick for a fraction of the cost.

"Let that cold really get in there and reduce that puffiness. It'll make you look like you had a couple more hours of sleep

"You definitely want to take care of your hair, it's one of the best accessories you have," said Joshua Henderson, Master Artisan Mango Salon.

Henderson thinks the money you spend up front will save you time between salon trips.

"There are a lot of artificial ingredients in the store bought products that just have fillers. They coat the hair with really bad waxes. It makes it look shiny but it's really more damaging," he said.

Your locks could benefit from a natural bristle brush.

"There are more bristles in a boar bristle compared to a metal brush so you're getting more tension when your blow drying so you're smoothing it out creating the shine."

One final tip, next time you're shopping at a warehouse superstore stock up on beauty essentials like tissues, paper towels, and cotton swabs. Buying these items in bulk is cheaper and you can use them to refill smaller containers.

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