Development plan to improve transit services

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PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - The wheels are rolling on a plan to evaluate and improve transit services in the tri-cities. Now the public is being asked to weigh in on the issue.

What do you like about transit services in the tri-cities?

"They're on time and clean," said Robin Birdsong, bus rider.

What don't you like?

"The service could be a little better. They've merged some routes together and it's caused a hardship for some people," said Joanne Davis.

The tri-cities area Metropolitan Planning Organization, or MPO, is conducting a transit development plan. A team of consultants has been hired to conduct surveys and collect data to access what's working and what's not.

"One is an onboard survey where they're asking riders for their opinions on the frequency of the service -- does it go where they need it to go," said Regional Planner Joseph Vinsh.

The purpose is to evaluate the existing system and to develop strategies to improve transit services. The public is encouraged to give input.

Hopewell, Colonial Heights, and Fort Lee have all expressed interest in getting expanded services. Once the consultants collect all data - recommendations for improvement will be made.

"Representatives that serve on the MPO will sift through the information and make a decision on which options are most feasible," said Vinsh.

The MPO hopes the move will encourage more people to get on board. An online opinion survey is being used to gather input from the public. You can find a link to that survey to the right of this article. A draft of the plan is expected to be ready by the end of the year.

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