College student safety Halloween weekend

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With Halloween just days away many college students are thinking about costumes and parties. But another thing that's on everyone's mind is safety.

"My safety it's very important to me and all the VCU students," said VCU senior, Sanjay Iyer. "It's scary to hear about stuff like this."

Halloween comes just weeks after the disappearance of Virginia Tech student, Morgan Harrington. University of Virginia police are increasing their presence on campus this weekend and here in Richmond, her disappearance is on student's minds.

"College students, especially freshmen students they need to walk in groups number one and never go no where by yourself," said freshman, Gabriel Thornton.

"If you watch yourself and be careful with what you do you should be good," added Iyer. "Always be careful that's my motto."

As a warning to students, UVE police remind them to exercise personal safety this weekend. Always carry a photo ID in case of emergency. Never leave intoxicated friends alone. And lastly stay in an environment where you can easily get help or move away from a threatening situation.

"Around VCU we also have the little phones that if anything happens you can just pick it up and the police will be on the other line," added Thornton.

By practicing these tips police hope to increase college campus safety.

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