Chesterfield student charged with pulling fake gun on class

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Chesterfield police will be at Meadowbrook High School Wednesday morning where a student is accused of pulling a fake gun on classmates.

Police want to talk more with teachers and students at the school as they continue their investigation.

The 16 year old student charged with felony brandishing a prop rifle remains in juvenile detention.

From a classroom, to a juvenile detention cell all for what police believe was a joke. But neither they nor school officials are laughing.

"I heard the guy came into class and had the gun pointed around and the substitute freaked out and ran out of the class," said 17 year old student Brandon Cline.

Just before 1 p.m. Tuesday, police say the 16 year old Meadowbrook student pointed a fake rifle at the class, shouted something, then ran down the hallway.

"It did happen very quickly and fortunately we were able to take into custody so no alarm throughout school," said Chesterfield Police Major Karl Leonard.

School officials say there was no lock down and parents were notified by early evening through an automated call. Police say this was a prank, that the fake gun was a theater prop. But police say they have no tolerance for this kind of behavior.

"Even as a prank if you're doing it as a joke or think it's a funny thing to do it's not it's a very serious offense and in this matter it's a felony," said Major Leonard.

"It's pretty scary because this is my first one getting ready to graduate from high school and I've always been nervous about my kids in school when you hear about the shootings in other states," said parent Karen Cline.

Chesterfield schools released a statement. It reads in part: "The school system strictly enforces written student conduct regulations even if the incident is deemed a prank. Violators are subject to suspension and or expulsion."

Police say they plan to meet Wednesday with the Commonwealth Attorney about possible additional charges against the student.

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