Virginia Tech students look for closure in high-profile cases

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BLACKSBURG, VA. (WWBT) - Both the cases of murdered sophomores Heidi Childs and David Metzler and that of missing student Morgan Harrington clearly have people on the Virginia Tech campus worried tonight. Several students say the recent events make them feel like they just keep getting punched in the gut over and over with bad news.

As darkness falls once again on the Virginia Tech campus, two dark mysteries are deepening.

"I think it's difficult that there just aren't that many answers to either of the cases," said Sara Mitchell, editor of The Colligate Times.

Sara Mitchell is editor of the student newspaper. She believes Tech's notoriety from April 16 is actually helping to keep both stories in the headlines.

"More people are being able to look out for what's happening and bring in tips now they said they got hundreds of tips from people," Sara said.

The Tech campus is rallying around both events. Morgan Harrington's picture now sits at the top of the drill field. Students wrote message all day, sending hope she'll come home soon.

"The community here is so strong. People care so much about each other," said Brandon Carroll, VT SGA President.

Students here say it's just part of being a hokie now. April 16th bonded this community like no other, but a constant stream of tragedy is taking its toll.

"When you go to Blacksburg you feel so safe. When you go to Virginia Tech you feel so safe like nothing's ever going to happen and then like it's just coincidences after coincidences it just makes you think what the heck's going on," Brandon said.

"It really takes a hard hit on the student body. And the faculty and staff whenever something like this happens," said John Welch.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Morgan Harrington or were at the concert you can call the tips line at 434-352-3467.

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