Finding backup emergency childcare during flu season

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With more and more students catching swine flu and schools suddenly closing for cleaning, parents are left with a difficult task. They must now find care for a child while they're at work, often times with less than 24 hours notice.

"Honestly we really don't have any," said parent, Elyse Johnson. "Grandma and grandpa live here in town but they are working too."

Johnson has often times found herself in need of childcare when her daughter Isabella gets sick. The mother of 3 has found those sick days come more often than she expected.

"We've woken up in the morning and she's been sick and we haven't been able to come to school and go in the rooms," said Johnson. "So I've had to call and let them know that she needed to use get well because she had a fever."

Her backup plan is an emergency care center called rainbow station.

"Rainbow Station is a preschool and after school rec program with a very special component that offers sick child care," said Rainbow Station manager, Susan Bishop.

Nurses on staff can care for kids in separate rooms to prevent viruses like swine flu from spreading to others. For parents it's literally a lifesaver.

"We can go to work and not use up all those days to stay home with the kids when we can't stay home with them," added Johnson.

Having a backup plan for care in advance will not just to care for your child but will help keep others from getting sick.

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