Home burglarized while resident sleeps inside

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Keith Ashley can't believe it happened to him. Smeone broke into his home and stole his personal belongings from right under his nose. The only witness was his dog, Brit.

"At first I was just like, in shock," explained Ashley. "Like oh my God someone was just in your house. What if they're still here?"

It happened Wednesday, just before 11 in the morning while Ashley was upstairs in bed sick. Brit was barking while the intruder was in his house but he paid her no mind. It wasn't until later when he woke up that he discovered someone had been inside.

"I come down, the door is in the open position like this which it never was in."

The intruder didn't take much, but to Ashley his major mean of income was gone. A camcorder for his entertainment business and his collection of nearly 100 DVD's were stolen. But most importantly, he lost his sense of security.

"It actually feels really defenseless and really scared because you're like someone was in my house in a place where you consider your safe place," said Ashley.

He believes the crooks came in through the front and escaped through the side door that was also left open. Unfortunately because he was half asleep when it happened he didn't even see the intruder. He's now changing the locks on his doors hoping the intruder doesn't strike again.

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