Free weatherization kits for seniors in Richmond

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Richmond Department of Public Utilities is giving away free weatherization kits to senior citizens 65 years or older and those who live in the city. It's a move in it's 6th year, to help people in this tough economy.

The starter weatherization kits are stacked up high, but they aren't lasting long. Hundreds of senior citizens are taking advantage of something free in this rough economy.

Miriam Bailey is walking out with her hands full: a free weatherization kit to keep her older two story home warm this winter.

"It'll really help. I have used some in the past and it really cut down on my heating bill," says Miriam.

Inside the Pleasant Hardware store, the lines are long and the smiling faces are aplenty.

In just the first hour, about half of the 400 free kits were gone. It's a free bee that the Department of Public Utilities knows goes a long way.

"We have a special place in our hearts for senior citizens. We know the senior citizen population is the most vulnerable," says Angela Fountain with DPU.

'I don't know what's in here but last time it was strip and tape," says Miriam. That, along with other helping accessories, like the toilet tummy. A bag to add to your toilet to help you save water.

"Not only does it have economic benefits, but it has an environmental benefits too," says Angela. That comes in the form of this fluorescent light bulb.

The only catch is, you must be 65 or older and live in the city of Richmond to take advantage of this giveaway.

"Somebody can put this up for me. My lawn man does it!" exclaims Miriam.

A plan in place now, for a cost saving measure in the future. If you were able to pick up one of these kits today, and you have questions on how to use it, you can call the Department of Public Utilities at 644-3000.

The giveaway is going on until supplies run out or 2 p.m. at Pleasant Hardware at 2024 West Broad Street.

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