NBC12 Viewpoint: Daily Planet

By Don Richards, NBC12 Regional Vice President and General Manager

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This edition of Viewpoint features a fictional super-hero, and a few real ones. Forty years ago, a new Richmond non-profit offered disenfranchised youth shelter, meals and a chance to return to society.

They called this place the Daily Planet, named after the fictional newspaper where Superman worked. Today, the Daily Planet continues its very real mission of performing heroic deeds.

The economic downturn has created a growing Richmond population who has recently lost jobs, health benefits and their homes. For many the Daily Planet has become their lifeline.

The Daily Planet provides services for both men and women including primary health care, vision and dental care and behavioral counseling. Transitional housing is also available.

The staff and volunteers of The Daily Planet strive to treat the holistic wellness of each individual by empowering them with better health, job training and renewed self confidence. Today the Daily Planet is busy expanding their facilities and services to meet the growing needs of their clientele.

You may not be Clark Kent but the Daily Planet could use your help. Contributions of materials, time or money would be a super way to start. To learn more from their website, linked at right.

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