Task force looks for possible link

Heidi Lynn Childs & Morgan Harrington
Heidi Lynn Childs & Morgan Harrington

By Curt Autry - bio | email
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MONTGOMERY, VA (WWBT) - NBC12 has confirmed that a task force looking into the brutal murders of two Virginia Tech students in August, is now looking into any possible link to the Harrington case.

"We will dedicate all our resources and efforts to bring the person or persons to justice," said Montgomery Co. Sheriff Tommy Whitt.

True to his word, Montgomery Co. Sheriff Tommy Whitt has a full-time task force still at work looking for the man who murdered 18 year old Heidi Lynn Childs and her boyfriend 19 year old David Lee Metzler. The bodies of the Virginia Tech students were found August 27, at a camp ground in the Jefferson National Forest.

"It's very disheartening - and all honesty this time has gone by and we haven't had any kind of contact or any leads," said Virginia State Police Lt. Joe Rader.

Fast forward 51 days - this time Charlottesville - where a Virginia Tech student is reported missing.  Accidentally locked out of the Metallica concert, 20 year old Morgan Harrington wasn't allowed back in and hasn't been seen since. There is an uncanny resemblance between Morgan and Heidi Lynn Childs that hasn't gone unnoticed by law enforcement.

When asked specifically if his department was looking for a connection between the two cases, Montgomery Co. Sheriff Tommy Whitt said "Our task force has been in contact with state police (investigating the Harrington case)."

When pressed further about a possible link Whitt went on to say "Absolutely we think about that. Any theory is on the table right now, but again, we know of no connection between the cases right now."

In conversations with both the mother & father of Heidi Lynn Childs, both say they have no reason to believe their daughter knew Morgan or that the two young women traveled in the same circles.

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