Amelia County girl dies from swine flu

By Evrod Cassimy - bio | email

AMELIA COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - "It's just not fair because she was healthy," said mother, Sara Wilson, when asked about her daughter. "She shouldn't be dead."

Wilson, the mother of 6 year old, Heaven Wilson, is numb the day after her daughter died from swine flu. The mother of three never thought she would lose her little girl.

"She was an angel," added Wilson. "She was just so um...beautiful, full of life."

Heaven went to Amelia County Elementary. She often told her mother about classmates were who coming down with the flu. She got sick herself early October but a doctor told Sara it was just the seasonal flu. When her condition worsened she was rushed to a Chippenham Medical Center where she was put on life support. She died Wednesday night.

"She was just laying there and couldn't breathe and couldn't breathe. It just happened so quick! I mean everything happened so fast. They just couldn't get rid of it."

Now her mother is scared to send her oldest son back to school for fear that he could catch the swine flu as well. She leaves parents with this advice.

"Don't leave a doctor's office without checking every little thing regardless of if they are showing they have it or not. Check your child out."

Sara wishes she would have gotten a second opinion and hopes no other parent has to feel her pain.

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