Virginia Tech threats: You Tube posting

By Curt Autry - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Virginia Tech police are investigating threats of another mass shooting at the university in a frightening You-Tube posting. An e-mail alert was sent out to students & faculty today.

The e-mail alert that went out to students & faculty last night indicates state police and the FBI are assisting the university police looking into this You-Tube posting.

It's a series of frightening images, of men with guns, Nazi flags, and other menacing scenes. There are several written posts from someone with the handle "Next Virginia Tech Killer" that reads, "I will do the next massacre before they will be able to stop me."

Many of the words are misspelled, adding credence to idea that this was posted overseas and that the "poster" doesn't have a strong command of English. Sara Mitchell, editor of the tech school newspaper, The Collegiate Times, says last night's "alert" was frightening for some:

"The events have definitely brought back some emotions on this campus. Some people appreciate what little info is given to the community...while others think the email sent last night did nothing but create more uneasiness," said Mitchell.

The You-Tube images were posted yesterday afternoon and were removed about 2 o'clock today. Police and the FBI will continue to investigate.

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