Gas prices climbing, many people not happy

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Filling up your gas tank is making many wallets feel a little lighter these days.

"It's almost like they bailed us out when it was bad. But, once it rebounds, it goes right back up again," said gas consumer Michael Southers.

Michael's got it right, but it doesn't add up to him. But AAA Mid Atlantic explains it's simple math.

"When there's good economic news, prices are going to go up. When, there's bad economic news, prices are going down," said Windy VanCuren, spokesperson for AAA Mid Atlantic.

Right now, up is all you see. New numbers out today put the average price of regular gas in Richmond at $2.47. That's up nearly 15 cents in the past week alone.

"You ride around trying to find gas that's a little cheaper but you aren't finding any," said gas consumer Donald Allen.

NBC12 took a trip down Midlothian Turnpike from Richmond into Chesterfield County and this is what we found: $2.43, $2.45, all the way up to $2.54.

Still below the national average of $2.62.

"I think the gas prices are ridiculous. They go up 5, 10 cents at a time. When it comes down, it only goes 1, 2 cents at a time," added Donald.

It sure seems like that, but looks can be deceiving. "They do follow suit, but it may take a little longer for those prices to come back down," said Windy.

Don't expect to hear the word down heading into this holiday season. "Prices are going to keep inching a little higher and surpass what we were paying this time last year," added Windy.

With the increase in prices, it means Michael is about to adjust his holiday plans. "My mom lives in Florida and I'm sure I won't be going to Florida this year."

It's the price some are paying, as the price of gas continues to climb.

The average price in Richmond is actually 6 cents lower compared to this time last year. Also, Virginia's average gas price of $2.49 is the 12th cheapest in the country.

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