Legal analysis on Ulisa Chavers guilty plea

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The woman accused of hiding her boyfriend's body in a well behind her house was could face 25 years in prison.

Ulisa Chavers pleaded guilty to a number of crimes, including disposing of a dead human body, credit card fraud, identity theft and possession of a sawed of rifle.

She will be formally sentenced in January, but her problems won't end there.

NBC12 legal analyst Steven Benjamin joined us to talk more about the case.

Q: First does the fact that Chavers faces such a lengthy sentence in jail, indicate that this crime, although she has yet to be accused of killing anyone, is very serious?

Q: Even though she is pleaded guilty to these charges her problems aren't behind her. She could still be charged with killing one or both of the people she admitted to hiding the bodies of correct?

Q: Would it really be worth it for prosecutors to pursue those charges, especially considering that Chavers is 61 years old and faces 25 years in prison already?

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