Chavers pleads guilty to dumping body into well

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LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - A guilty plea today in the case of a Louisa County woman who dumped her ex-boyfriend's body in a well. Ulisa Chavers admitted guilt to four felony charges and now faces a maximum of 25 years in prison.

The attorney for Ulisa Chavers says he's going to argue for as little prison time as possible for his client -- he even mentioned the possibility of probation with no incarceration.

Ulisa Chavers exited court a guilty woman. In front of a judge, Chavers admitted to hiding the body of her ex-boyfriend, Reginal Bowles, in a well on his property where the two of them lived.

"We think today was a step toward justice. We're satisfied with the outcome today," said Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Garret.

The body of Bowles was discovered back in March more than two years after he disappeared. In court, Chavers spoke softly but was asked twice by the judge to speak up. She pled guilty to disposing of a dead human body, credit card fraud, identity theft, and possession of a sawed off rifle. Chavers denies killing Bowles.

"She found him on the floor. He had heart problems and apparently that's what he died of...a heart attack," said Mike Caudill, Chavers' Attorney.

In a separate investigation, Chavers admits to burying her second husband in their backyard in Amelia County. That body was dug up in April. Chavers says he died of natural causes in 1994. Authorities say Chavers collected both men's social security checks after their deaths.

"She's extremely subdued and she has family also and she's extremely remorseful," said Caudill.

Chavers faces 25 years behind bars. Her attorney says he hopes she gets probation. The commonwealth's attorney is looking for Chavers to do hard time.

"In the code of Virginia there's a penalty for not disposing of your companion animal properly and Mr. Bowles didn't even get that kind of treatment, so we think a significant punishment is appropriate," said Garret.

Chavers will be sentenced on January 25. At this point it has not been determined how her ex-boyfriend or second husband died.

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