Chesterfield abandoned baby could soon be under states custody

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - 24 hours after a newborn baby girl was found abandoned in this neighborhood, police report she's healthy and doing okay. The next step: Child Protective Services will step in and work to find her a home.

Kamisha Jones still can't believe a baby, stuffed in a paper bag, was found in her neighborhood yesterday afternoon. Chesterfield police say she's less than a week old.

"It's heart-wrenching. I have two kids of my own. Couldn't bear just the thought of it," said Jones.

She's sad because she knows what's next for the newborn. If the baby's mother doesn't come forward, the newborn could go into the state's custody.

"We have a pool of foster parents who are already trained," said Dr. Suzanne Fountain, Chesterfield County Social Services.

The baby would go into foster care as social services and police continue to search for the mother with the courts monitoring every step.

"The court has to approve each goal. And at such time that a court would terminate parental rights, then a child would be free for adoption," said Fountain.

Doctor Suzanne Fountain says today, telephone calls swamped social services. People are very interested in this abandoned baby. But she's not giving up hope on a mother/daughter reunion.

"Let's work through a process where we can figure out what's best for the baby and for you," she said.

Residents and police are urging anyone with the slightest bit of information to come forward. You can leave an anonymous tip with Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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