Brainstorming begins for Flying Squirrels logo

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Let the marketing campaign begin! That's the next step for Richmond Professional Baseball after settling on a new name for the minor league team.

The Flying Squirrels was announced during a much anticipated news conference Thursday. The team name was selected from a pool of more than 15,000 entries. It's drawn both criticism and excitement.

The company designing the Flying Squirrels logo couldn't be more excited with what it has to work with. But the new team name is still drawing mixed reaction.

"It's time to get squirrely, we have a name," shouted Greg Burton at ESPN 950.

The phone lines went nuts the moment Richmond Professional Baseball announced its new team name.

"The Flying Squirrels come on," said one caller.

"It's pretty minor league for a name," said another.

"I love the name to be honest," chimed in another listener.

It even inspired a theme song.

"I'm a squirrel watcher. I'm a squirrel watcher, watching squirrels go by."

Plan B Branding will help bring the Richmond Flying Squirrels to life.

"This is one of my favorite names," said Jason Klein with Plan B Branding.

Klein says the imagery of a gliding furry creature gives them so much to work with as they design the mascot, logo for the uniforms, ball caps and T-shirts.

"Our first step is a shotgun approach, so there's going to be different sketches everyone's going to throw their ideas in the pot and we're going to look at dozens and dozens of concept sketches," said Klein.

"There's so many marketing things you can do with the flying squirrels plus you know with the peanut industry in Virginia you can have the nuts for days coming up from Suffolk. I think it's a smart idea," said another ESPN 950 caller.

But sports fan Ronald Peterson says you probably won't see him standing in line for any memorabilia.

"Maybe for someone under six they might want to have something with a flying squirrel on it but for the true baseball fan adult baseball fan I don't think they can relate to that," said Peterson.

The Flying Squirrels logo is expected to be unveiled at the end of November.

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