"H1N1 Get One": New Virginia vaccination campaign

By Nicole Bell - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - To kick off the awareness campaign, several people in the "high risk" or "key priority" group gathered to get the shot. Maddy is seven years old. She has asthma. Bernadette is 48. She has lung disease. Veronica is 39. She's a health responder.

All three took a shot in the arm as part of the unveiling of a statewide campaign. The message:

"I urge you to get an H1-N1 vaccine, in mist form or shot. It's safe and it works for everyone," said Health Commissioner Dr Karen Remley.

This is just one of several commercials unveiled by the state health department as part of its media campaign and vaccination program, called "H1-N1 Get One". There are also radio ads and banners like which will appear on buses.

"We have about 260,000 doses that are either here in the state or on the way to the state by mid November. We feel fairly confident we'll have enough vaccine for everybody in the state who'd like to be vaccinated," said Remley.

Veronica says, as a medic, getting vaccinated is a priority.

"Not just for my family but for the people I service everyday. It's important I'm healthy so I can help someone who's in need that's not healthy," said Veronica Ruffin, health responder.

Living with lung disease makes Bernadette more vulnerable to the effects of the flu.

"If I get pneumonia or swine flu the impact would make it hard for me to get back to here I am now. I might die," Bernadette Sneed said.

So far 8 people have died from swine flu in the commonwealth. The health department hopes this campaign help will stop that number from growing. Now those commercials and radio ads will officially hit the airwaves on Monday. If you'd like to learn more about the campaign or the H1-N1 vaccine, click here.

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