Seasonal flu shot shortage in Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You may have trouble getting a flu shot right now. A delay in vaccine shipments is causing some shortages in the area.

Ukrop's is all out of the injectable vaccine. Right now it only has flumist available.

Kroger says it won't have any seasonal flu shots by week's end.

And Jewish Family Services is scaling back its efforts because of the shortage.

It could be the end of November before health care providers receive the vaccine.

Henrico County Public Schools in partnership with the Henrico County Health Department will offer a free school-based H1N1 influenza clinic at county schools for Henrico students.

If your child attends a Henrico school, an informational packet will be sent home today or tomorrow with your child and the consent must be returned by Friday, October 16 in order for your child to receive the flu vaccine.

Henrico County schools are seeing an increase in absenteeism and clinic visits among students and staff with influenza-like symptoms. The county expects to continue to see an increase in such reports in the coming month.

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