Neighbors organize to fight crime

By Melissa Correa - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - In a matter of months, they've seen it all from vandalism to burglaries. Now a group of Chesterfield County neighbors is fed up and fighting back.

The idea for a neighborhood watch in Bon Air came when a woman was conned out of her valuables back in July. Since then, neighbors have been working to get to this point.

She doesn't wear a cape and has no special powers, but Deborah Fayman is a crime fighter.

"My car was vandalized in June, and then shortly after that we had a larceny in the neighborhood and we decided that we really needed to organize in some way," said Deborah.

So bring on the emails, letters and signs. You can find them spread throughout her Bon Air neighborhood. 110 homes will make up the Brookwood neighborhood watch. Ruth Lanham's is one of them.

"We're in a time that people are without money and people are without hope and they will do things that they normally will not do," said Fayham. "You can't just lay back and let things happen, you have to take an affirmative action."

That's why she and her son are looking forward to tonight's meeting.

"I think it is long overdue. We've all been kind of asleep," said Fayham.

According to Fayham, neighbors are about to get a wakeup call. Neighborhood watch signs will go up, regular meetings will be set, watch buddies and e-mails will keep everyone in the loop. She says criminals won't have a chance.

"I believe part of it is the poor economy and people are more desperate and I think another part of it is, now that we're talking to each other we're hearing more," said Fayham.

The meeting is set to start at 6:30 at the Bon Air Baptist Church. Area residents are invited. A Chesterfield crime prevention officer will be answering questions.

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