Community rocked by double murder

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HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - Friends of the victims say the men were shot in the back of the head. Police found the bodies in a car in the 2300 block of Freeman Street in Hopewell. Police aren't saying much about what happened but neighbors are speaking out tonight. They say this double murder has rocked their community.

The scene of the crime is calm. Tattered yellow tape is only a small indication of what neighbors call a tragedy. Friends of the victims say the men were in a, now impounded, 1987 Mercedes Benz when something went wrong.

Neighbors say somebody jumped in the backseat of the car. Seconds later, gunfire. The car barreled through a fence and came to rest in a wooded area.

"The boys were shot 4 times. They were shot in the back of the head," one neighbor said.

Police have identified the victims as 24 year old Kashif Temple and 22 year old Antonio Spain. That person in the back of the car, believed to be the shooter, took off.

"They were just into the wrong things. They didn't do anything to deserve to be killed like this"

Out of fear, no one wanted to be identified, but just about everyone we spoke with say they know who pulled the trigger.

Nicole Bell: "So you think you know who's responsible for their deaths?
A Family Friend of the Victims: "Yeah... Yes ma'am."
Nicole Bell: "Can you tell us anything about him?"
A Family Friend of the Victims: "He's dangerous. He doesn't care. He's a rough character. I just hope they find him and find him soon because if not there's going to be another murder."

Some neighbors here say the murders have left them on edge.

"You got nice people that live on this block in the neighborhood and things are happening like this. It's ridiculous. To me people just need to tighten up. (What do you mean?) Just act right," said another neighbor.

For now, those who knew the victims say they hope justice will come sooner, rather than later. These two murders are the 3rd and 4th in Hopewell this year. If you have any information about these shooting deaths, call Crime Solvers at 541-2202.

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