Lost & found: Treasured keep-sakes returned after 7 years

By Curt Autry - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - For U.S. Marine Corp Captain Shanelle Porter - Christmas has come in October. It's obvious that Shanelle is in the military. What you don't know is that before her enlistment Shanelle was a world class athlete. Now, after 7 years, all of her trophies and medals have been returned to her.

Shanelle ran track for the University of Nebraska in the mid-90's and was on the '99 U.S. team that took third place in track and field.  But in one of her many moves for the military her most prized possessions got lost. She assumed she'd never see these keep-sakes again.

"You can't replace stuff like that. When you break American records, or winning a national championship, you call the federation and say I lost my medal - can I get it back? No, you can't," said Shanelle.

Just recently, Shanelle signed up for facebook. And out of the blue she got a friend request and an e-mail from Shirley in Arkansas. Shirley's friend, who was also in the military, had a box of stuff in his garage he was about ready to throw out. The military had sent it to him by mistake.

"And I was like 'Oh my god.' I thought I would never see that stuff again," she said.

Had it not been for facebook, Shirley would have never been able to locate Shanelle. The fact that a stranger would go to such great lengths to track her down has touched her heart.

"She just saw that this stuff would mean a lot to me, and made it her mission to get it to me, and within 7 days it's here with me - not in Arkansas," Shanelle said.

Shanelle hopes to one day meet Shirley so she can thank her in person.

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