"Hush Puppies" makes list of possible names

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The latest possible name for Richmond's new baseball team has many fans starving for a better idea. After seeing the first five options, the cable channel CNBC held a nationwide contest to get yet another one. Nine thousand people sent in suggestions and in the end, CNBC announced that "Richmond Hush Puppies" was the winner.

Just corn meal, flour, baking soda, and seasoning. Drop them in a deep fryer and you have the recipe for southern comfort food, but on a baseball field?

"Hush Puppies" now becomes the sixth and apparently final nominee on a list that includes five other potential names, including Rock Hoppers, Rhinos, and Hambones.

"That's the best we've got? We're the first colony in the new world, and we come up with the Richmond Hambones?" asked VCU student Elliott Richardson.

While the names may not inspire echoes of the past, that's not what ownership appears to be looking for.

"We're gonna have fun at this ballpark and we want a name that is different, a name that is not traditional," said Todd Parnell, Richmond Pro Baseball COO/VP.

And if you think "Hush Puppies" is out of left field, check out some of the names that missed the cut: Grits, Stink Pots, Battle Ants and, Dirt Balls. Everyone seems to think they have a better option.

"The Wood Dogs! Wood, referring to the bat. Dogs referring to the tough and tenacious. If you reverse 'em, its dogwood, which is the state tree," said Buz Grossberg, Buz and Ned's Real Barbeque.

But, even if you can't agree with hush puppies, you can't deny the automatic tie-in, to the concession stand. And it's obvious that the team is getting all kinds of attention that it did not have, until now.

"They were talking baseball at the water cooler; they were talking baseball on the golf course. That's good for baseball," said Parnell.

Fans are weighing in all over the internet but ultimately, the final decision is up to a group that includes the team's owners. They're expected to announce the official name, one week from today.

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