October 8: Restaurant Report

By Heather Sullivan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -  From pests to trash in the wrong place, some local restaurants received some critical violations in this Restaurant Report. But they say they have these problems fixed.

Ashland Coffee and Tea at 100 North Railroad Avenue in Ashland is where locals, cyclists, and music lovers have been pouring in for a freshly poured cup of joe since the mid 90's.

Said manager Jared Hayslett, "It's the atmosphere, it's the music, it's the people. I have people that come in here from miles around."

After the restaurant received 4 critical violations on its last state health inspection, Hayslett showed us how they made some changes. "I'm a clean freak and I try to keep things clean and neat."

Hayslett says they now clean out the ice cream dipper well every night and makes sure old foods in the fridge are tossed. "I go through here every morning and check the dates on everything and if something's out of date, I throw it away."

And Hayslett says they're using fly strips and exterminators to discourage some pests who were looking for the shop's tastiest treats. The report says violations were corrected during the inspection. A follow up report is not yet available.

In Richmond, Hunan Cafe at 1112 East Main Street received 4 critical violations, including a soiled trash can stored on containers of sauces. All violations were corrected during the inspection. The restaurant had one critical violation in its next inspection, but the manager tells us everything is clean and under control.

In Chesterfield, Jalapenos Restaurant at 13130 Kingston Avenue had 4 critical violations. The report says a food employee failed to wash their hands before food preparation. The manager says all violations were corrected. The restaurant had one critical violation in a follow up, and a perfect score on a second.

This week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award goes to Goal Post Restaurant at 2400 North Avenue in Richmond, which has earned perfect scores on its last five health inspections.

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