CNBC reveals 6th name for Richmond baseball team

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - CNBC heard about Richmond trying to decide a name for the new team and asked the team's manager for a name suggestion to go with the other five possible team names to choose from.

CNBC reports they received more than 9,000 entries.

The team had already asked fans their picks though the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and came up with a top five list. Those names included the Rock Hoppers, Rhinos, Flying Squirrels, Hambones and Flatheads.

The CNBC name would then be added to the list of the possible names and included in a vote in Richmond that would start on Friday and conclude on Sunday. The new team name would then be announced on Thursday, Oct. 15.

CNBC's Top 10 from the names submitted to them:

Hellbenders (lizards), Grits, Stink Pots (turtles), Battle Ants, Cicadas, River Raptors, Hush Puppies, Tree Frogs, Blood Suckers (mosquitoes) and Dirt Balls.

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