Baby found abandoned to be adopted soon

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - New details about a baby boy found abandoned more than a month ago in Henrico county. The child will be put up for adoption soon but police still want your help in finding his parents.

At Henrico Social Services, the process will soon begin to terminate the parents' rights so the baby boy can be adopted. Both officials there and police say it's important the child's mother come forward.

Dawn Campbell moved into her eastern Henrico home just over a week after a shocking discovery at the edge of her yard.

"It's horrible especially with all the help that we have today," said Campbell.

The baby boy was found in the grass just off Samara Drive the night of August 27th. In the beginning police received a few tips but nothing that would give them hope in finding the child's parents.

On that night, the infant was naked and believed less than a day old. More than one month later, police describe the baby boy, now in foster care, as beautiful and healthy.

Henrico Social Services has seen only one other case like this in nearly twenty years.

"In a case like this one we will wait for a period of time to see if a parent comes forward the law gives us three months before we begin the process to move towards adoption," said Henrico Social Services Assistant Director, Shawn Rozier.

Police urge the mother to have the strength and courage to take responsibility for the sake of the baby's future.

"If there are any health issues on either side of the family father mother this is good information to have in the future if something comes up that helps with treatment and diagnosis," said Rozier.

As a parent, Campbell offers this plea to the baby's mom.

"Don't be scared cause maybe you can get some help because you probably need help," said Campbell.

If you have information about the abandoned baby boy, call Henrico police.

Social services officials say they are grateful for the many calls from people offering help and wanting to help.

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