Attorney says Hicks did not point weapon

By Andy Jenks - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - New information in the case of a Dinwiddie man shot and killed by authorities yesterday morning. For the first time, State Police are revealing why 45-year-old James Hicks was shot.

They say Hicks was armed with a shotgun - and would not put it down. But today the family's Richmond attorney, John Rockecharlie, released a statement that read, "James did not fire, point, or brandish a firearm at any officer."

Three friends who claim to have spoken with Hicks's wife, who was home at the time, say that James Hicks was putting the gun on the floor when he was shot. The family is calling for a close investigation into the actions of law enforcement.

Also today, court records may shed at least some light on what was going on. In July, Hicks was charged in Chesterfield with a motorcycle equipment violation. That led to a charge of drug possession, which would've been heard by a grand jury next month.

Because the search warrant remains sealed, there's no way of knowing yet what, if any, role the local charges played in the federal investigation. But the family's attorney said, "We do not believe the police found any contraband in the home."

State Police is now referring all questions to the ATF, which won't confirm or deny what, if anything was taken from the home.

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