Dinwiddie community reacts to search warrant shooting

James Hicks Jr.
James Hicks Jr.

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DINWIDDIE, VA (WWBT) - A friend of a Dinwiddie County man who was killed by a law enforcement agent says what happened to James Hicks Jr. was "just wrong."

NBC12 went to Hicks' home, his wife was too emotional to talk. A family friend did say "they shot my buddy down like a dog." Neither wanted to appear on camera today.

The mystery behind the circumstances of the fatal shooting seems to be the talk of the town. At Reams Station, the hot topic is about what happened less than a mile from the store.

State Police and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents swarmed James Hicks Jr.'s home to carry out a federal search warrant early Tuesday morning. Hicks was shot and killed.

Many of the customers of Reams Station knew Hicks. The owner says James Hicks was a regular customer. Nearly everyone had questions about his death.

"He would come up most of the time to get fuel outside. Polite as he could be," said store owner Becky Cornett.

How Hicks died is what many are talking about here.

"Everyone I asked of in awe by it. It's usually quiet out here, you know. We don't have a lot of that nobody knows what happened -- mostly wondering," said resident Tracy Christopher.

State police and ATF agents converged on Hicks' Halifax Road home on Tuesday morning to carry out a federal search. Hicks was shot and killed.

Becky Cornett says Hicks' wife came into the store hours after the shooting.

"She had to use the restroom but wasn't allowed back in the house. She was escorted in by a police officer and taken to the restroom and left with swollen eyes -- just very upset," said Becky Cornett.

The shooting death of Hicks has raised question among those who know him.

"My first question is what was the warrant served for," said resident Kevin Pendegrass.

Not knowing what led to the shooting is causing quite a bit of concern, especially since reports have surfaced indicating that Hicks was a member of a violent motorcycle gang.

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