FTC issues blogger payola crackdown

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Federal Trade Commission is beginning to take a much closer look at the way people who operate blogs promote products.

The FTC board has voted unanimously to update their rules governing endorsements.

Advertising Age magazine reports the agency has issued new guidelines and fines for bloggers who do not disclose their relationships with businesses.

This step could force bloggers to explicitly explain what type of compensation for products the promote.

Copeland Casati is a local internet entrepreneur, she joined NBC12 today via Skype to talk more about this.

Q: Copeland, those of us in television, and our colleagues in radio have been governed by these rules for decades. Is it time to bring the internet and bloggers under the same umbrella?

Q: Why will be more difficult to police the internet?

Q: Is there a risk to the consumer if there aren't these regulations put in place?

See the replies in the interview at right.

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