UPDATE: Baseball team name to 5 finalists, one wildcard?

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's down to the final five nicknames that our new baseball team will be known as. Team leaders received more than 6,000 entries in the past couple of weeks.


Now in case you didn't like those choices, you still have a chance to submit a new name for Richmond's latest baseball team.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that CNBC heard about this story yesterday and contacted Richmond's baseball manager about expanding to six instead of five possible team names on which to vote.

To submit an entry for a new team, you can e-mail sportsbiz@cnbc.com today only, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CNBC will choose its wild-card suggestion tomorrow morning.

You can vote until Oct. 11. The final decision will be made Oct. 15.

The finalists though may surprise you and team leaders know, the choices are well, shocking.

"There's going to be a lot of people talking about how crazy these names are. But, we don't want to be... normal," says Todd "Parney" Parnell, VP of Baseball Operations.

So here are your choices: Hambones. Flatheads. Rock Hoppers. Rhinos and Flying Squirrels.

"Oh my goodness... They aren't very good names, are they!?" exclaims Rhonda Young.

After a few moments, one makes sense: Rock Hoppers. It goes along with the river.

"It's the only one that sounds kind of.... It sounds pretty good. Not that any of them make any sense," adds Rhonda.

"Rock Hoppers," says Penny Vurnett.

Even people on the river on Tuesday, hopping in on the fun. But other people want a tougher name.

"Rhonos. Rhinos. Rhinos too," says three other guys we talked with.

Even the boss, Parnell, was a rhino fan at first.

"It's big. It's aggressive. It's tough. It's competitive and I don't know what animal can replace it," says Terry Davis, one of the three.

A flying squirrel might not, but Parney has some big plans if that name wins out.

'I'll probably be diving out of an airplane on opening night as a flying squirrel.

No matter which name you like, or dislike, the point of it all is to pull everyone together inside the stadium.

NBC 12 asking Penny: "Which one doesn't fit?" Penny: "ummmm... Flatheads."

"They aren't baseball names.. No no!" Georgie Green tell us.

"It's involving yourself in the community and the community involving itself with the team and us becoming one," adds Parnell.

But it's one choice not everyone agrees on just yet. So you have until October 11th to think about it.

So, maybe you're at The Diamond on opening night when a human squirrel will come flying out of the sky, or maybe not. You can let the team know which nickname you want chosen, by going to their website.

The final decision will be made Oct. 15 and will based on input from you and team leaders.

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