ROAD TRIPS: Native American Village

By Lauren Compton - email

NATURAL BRIDGE, VA (WWBT) -  In the legend of the Natural Bridge, the Monacan Indians used the bridge to escape battle with the Alquoicians. Since then the Monacans have regarded the bridge as a "gift from God."

The Natural Bridge now serves as a tourist attraction and a way to link the Monocan history to the present. A replica of the Monacan Indian village resides next to the Natural Bridge, where you can learn how the Monacans would have lived 300 years ago.

Historical Interpeter Victoria Ferguson is a Monacan Indian and serves as a symbol of the Monocan's remaining presence. She says the Monacans are one of eight tribes still living in Virginia.

Admission to the Native American Village is included in several Natural Bridge attraction packages. For more information on how to plan your trip visit their website.

Natural Bridge of Virginia
15 Appledore Lane
Natural Bridge, VA 24578

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