VT student from Midlothian survives meningitis

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A 19-year-old Virginia Tech student is likely coming home to Midlothian today, after fighting off bacterial meningitis.

Doctors say if Scott Riley waited just one more day to go the hospital, he might be dead.

But after a fight for his life, he is doing much better and he's planning on coming home today.

Riley considered himself very fortunate and the whole thing simply good timing.

When he was admitted to the hospital near the end of last month, nurses quickly discovered he had a strange rash developing on his extremeties -- a sign of meningitis.

Turns out he had niesseria meningitis, one the most deadly form.

At first treatment didn't work. So they used a seldom used drug called Xigris and it worked.

Since day one he's been surrounded by family. Then came the cards flowers and balloons -- all to help support him through this ordeal.

"I do feel lucky, but still kind of feel like it hasn't hit me yet, but it showed I have supportive family, friends," Riley said.  "I love my family. They've just here with me by my side ever since I got to Montgomery that morning. My mom's been spending the night with me and dad's been here during the day helping out."

Riley is expected to come home to Midlothian today to spend about a week with his parents before returning to school at Virginia Tech.

To keep the deadly disease from spreading, doctors checked Riley's cell phone and warned everyone he called or text messaged about possibly being infected.

Virginia Tech also sent out an email in September alerting the campus of the symptoms of the disease.

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