Deadline to vote in November is today

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - As candidates for Governor and other contested elections continue to stomp for votes, today is the deadline to make sure you are registered to vote in November's general election.

It's pretty quiet at the Chesterfield Voter Registration Office today, but people are still trickling in to make sure they can vote this November.

Last year, there was not a space left on the sidewalk. But this year, there is plenty of spaces and ample quiet.

No lines or wait, but there are still people like Lee Beale waiting until the last minute to make sure his vote counts.

"I got to thinking about it yesterday and I said, tomorrow is the last day so I'll just go get it done," Beale said.

He moved from Richmond to Chesterfield and he really wasn't sure if he needed to update his voter information by today. So he did just in case and election officials say you should too.

"It's a little complicated because of the laws, but ideally you need to let us know today," says Larry Haake, Chesterfield Co. General Registrar.

"I thought I'd have to wait a little bit, but I just walked right in," adds Beale.

You can walk right in too until the close of business today. That's the deadline you have to drop off your voter registration application or update your information in most cases. You can do that at any voter registration office, statewide. Or, you could mail in your application. It just needs to be postmarked by today.

"It's an important election. I hope the silence right now is not an indicator of apathy or voters will disregard this election," adds Haake.

That's especially true with Virginia at the center of the national news with the governor's race and several other important positions up for grabs.

"Get on down. You don't have to do a lot of waiting. They're waiting to take care of you," Lee said.

But if you wait for Tuesday, you're out of luck to make a difference until next year.

Now, if you can fax your information over to these offices, if you are only updating your voter information. All you need is a signature. But, if you are a new voter, you must either postmark or drop off your application at one of these offices.

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