Working to fill the seats at the Diamond

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RICHMOND, VA (NBC12) - Baseball is on its way back to Richmond and fans finally get to buy their tickets.

The first season tickets went on sale this morning at Ticketpalooza.

200 people are now proud owners of season tickets for baseball at the Diamond.

Ticketpalooza was a day of food, fun, family and of course looking forward to when that first pitch will be thrown out in April.

"I love baseball and I like watching it at the Diamond," said 11-year-old Cameron Cullop.

Cullop is one of a thousand fans welcoming back baseball at the Diamond.

While his mom Michelle didn't buy season tickets she can't wait to see the slides, strikeouts and hopefully a win on opening day.

"We come game by game, whenever our kids aren't playing," she said. "I have an 11-year-old and a 15-year-old and we enjoy the games."

Her boys exhausted themselves with rides, games and face painting at Saturday's Ticketpalooza.

She's hoping they'll truly appreciate having America's pastime back in the capital city.

"They can learn good sportsmanship and how to play as a team and hopefully perform better as a ball player," Michelle said.

It's something Andrew Price understands.

He grew up in these seats at Richmond Braves games.

"I just wanted to support the team," he said. "Hopefully baseball will grow back. We really missed it."

Price and his friends shelled out the $568 for season tickets.

"It's fun to do it with a group of friends, to come out and just have a nice evening together," he said. "Be outside and just kind of do something different for a change."

They're counting down the days until the first play ball call of the 2010 season.

"The Reading Phillies on April 15th. We'll be out here, first pitch," Price said.

On Monday, Richmond baseball will announce the top five team names suggested.

Fans will have a chance to vote and the new team name is expected on October 15th.

Season tickets are still available.

You can call 359- FUNN or go to

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