Weekend event held at Ukrops locations

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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - It's time to clean out those medicine cabinets. A local alumni association is teaming up with Ukrop's to help you dispose of old, outdated or unused medication the right way.

Hilton and Mary Anne Withers went through their medicine cabinet and found at least a dozen medications they no longer want or need.

"Over time this stuff becomes impotent of toxic in some cases and they just get left in the closet or in the medicine cabinet or somewhere else," said Hilton Withers, University of Kentucky Alumni Club.

The Withers are part of a service project this weekend to help others get rid of medication the right way.

"Our environment is important to all of us...not only us the alumni club, you and every other citizen, and over 250 million pounds of drugs are either flushed, buried in the ground every year and this comes out to be 6 thousand tractor trailer loads a year," said Mary Anne Withers, University of Kentucky Alumni Club.

A lot of people think flushing medication down the toilet or pouring them down the sink is the way to go --it's not. That takes your drugs into the local sewage system, which could be bad for the environment or your drinking water. Also think twice before tossing them in the trash where children or pets can find them. If that's your only option, ruin solid medication with water and liquid medication with kitty litter or sawdust before chucking it.

In almost all cases, manufacturers will recommend that you should not take medication after it's expired. You should also not take medicine prescribed to someone else.

You can drop off your unwanted medications for free at two locations tomorrow. The Ukrop's on John Rolfe Parkway in Henrico and the one near the Chesterfield Towne Center on Midlothian. The Saturday event runs from 8 to noon.

Ukrop's actually provides this service in their pharmacies year round but this event will help raise awareness about that.

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