Volunteers needed for H1N1 swine flu vaccination clinics

By Gene Petriello - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - With the swine flu vaccines on the way to Virginia, the state needs volunteers to staff their clinics. But right now, the numbers of volunteers are way down.

It's a community push to make sure the medical reserve corp has the help they need to protect you from the H1N1 Swine Flu this season.

The much anticipated swine flu vaccines are in the mail right now and that means it's crunch time for the state. It desperately need medical and non-medical volunteers to staff these clinics.

"Our ability to keep Richmond safe and vaccinate as many people as possible, it really relies on the help of the volunteer immunizers," says Director Dr. Danny Avula with the Richmond Health District.

It needs to more than double the current number of people it has on board that are licensed to vaccinate, hat includes doctors, nurses and the like.

If the volunteers don't step up, you could be standing in long lines waiting for the important vaccine.

"There's a mass vaccination effort toward the end of the money and we just don't have the staff to vaccinate all that want to the H1N1 vaccine," adds Dr. Avula.

The corp also needs non-medical support, that includes just ordinary people that can help with data collection, screening and more.

The drive to boost the number of volunteers is even hitting social networks on the Internet. The State Medical Reserve Corp is using its Facebook page to recruit volunteers.

A plea from a doctor who knows clinics all across the state will soon be very busy.

To register, see the link to the State Medical Reserve Corp website at right.

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