New awning company prepares to open

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RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Why buy a bankrupt company with a reputation of taking deposits, and not delivering services? 12 on Your Side spoke with a representative for the "Norvell Awning Group," the new owners of the now defunct "Thermo-Press Norvell Awning." The company was sold to Bud Johnson, for $58,000. He owns several area businesses, including "Robert's Awning", in Petersburg.

Three companies "Awning Advantage", "Robert's Awning" and the bankrupt "Norvell Awning" merged into one to form "The Norvell Awning Group".

"I believe that we will recover completely," said Matthew Weiss, Norvell Awning Group.

The grand opening is in 4 weeks. But the new owners were already working months before the sale to clean up the damage they say former owner, Richard Reynolds, caused the Norvell name.

"The old owner had some under the table dealings with taking deposits from customers and either not having the opportunity to complete those jobs, or those jobs were not getting done," he said.

In bankruptcy filings, "Thermo-Press/Norvell Awning Corporation" collapsed under a 1.4 million dollar debt. A long list of homeowners and businesses suffered losses. Some called 12 on Your Side and the new owners completed those jobs.

"They waived the deposit we had lost to Norvell, told us when we would have our new awnings. They put them up and were wonderful through the whole process," said customer Sarah Baird.

The new company is finishing jobs that require materials, but it's not returning deposits.

"Regrettably, there was not enough money to dip into and say to Mr. & Mms. Jones, here's your money back," said Weiss.

The new company has 11 full time employees and will interviewing for an office manager next week. 100 years of experience, between the three companies and good customer service, Weiss says will repair the company image.

"Richard did what he did and that can't be taken back and he has to live with that," he said. "Anyone who has been wronged by Norvell, we want to do our best to get you taken care of."

The "Norvell Awning Group", grand opening is October 30, 4:00 o'clock at 1735 Arlington Road. The owners are confident they will turn things around, and become as strong as "Capital Awning", their biggest competitor.

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