Live conversation with GRTC CEO on safety measures

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The death of a pedestrian, after being hit by a GRTC bus in downtown Richmond, has forced the transit agency to take big steps to increase the safety of its passengers and the people who travel near their buses.

John Lewis, the CEO for GRTC will join us during First at Four to talk about the impact of this tragic accident.

Q: Mr. Lewis, did you have a plan in place to deal with this situation, and if so what steps have you taken in the wake of the tragedy?

Q: It seems that you start the process of learning almost immediately, how have your drivers and employees responded?

Q: 14th and Franklin, the site of this accident, has seen 15 crashes over the past four years. This was the first that took someone's life. In your opinion, is this a dangerous intersection?

See the video at right for responses.

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