Farmville victim's family upset by expert's comments

By Tara Morgan - bio | email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - For the first time, a relative of the Longwood University professor found murdered with three others in Farmville is speaking out.

Dr. Debra Kelley was an associate professor of sociology at Longwood. Her family is upset about what an expert has said about the crime scene.

Billy Borum, a retired undercover Henrico police officer, is speaking on behalf of his aunt and uncle, Debra Kelley's parents. He says the family was surprised to find out an expert on ritual crime and the occult had come into the picture. They call what he has said about the case, inappropriate and false.

"Aunt Margaret has her good days and bad days," said Borum.

Borum says what made matters worse for Kelley's parents, the description of the crime scene by a former Virginia Beach police officer.

"He does not have permission to be on the property and he has not been on the property so how he got his information again I don't know how he got that information but none of it's true," said Borum.

Don Rimer travels the country teaching investigators about ritual crime and the occult. Farmville police say a state police investigator called Rimer on September 18, the day four bodies were found inside Kelley's home.

Rimer says he hasn't been to the house but was asked about his expertise in the satanic symbols used in the horrorcore music genre and that investigators described the scene to him, as a slaughterhouse.

"That was totally untrue other than the police I'm the only other person except for the cleanup people to go into the house and I saw nothing like he described," said Borum.

Borum also says suspect Richard "Sam" McCroskey wasn't Emma Niederbrock's boyfriend.

"That was the first time they had met.  The facts will come out when police want everybody to know all this speculation it just makes things worse," said Borum.

Borum says the last time the Kelley's spoke to their daughter Debra and granddaughter Emma was the week before they left for the Horrorcore concert in Michigan.

Debra Kelley and Emma Niederbrock will be laid to rest Saturday following funeral services at Farmville United Methodist Church.

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