Finding humor in the Obama banner controversy

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Phil Riggan -email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A photo on the satirical web site Tobacco Avenue is getting all kinds of buzz in Richmond today. It pictures, Club Velvet owner Sam Moore's head on the head of the Joker, right before the villain is "interrogated" by Batman in the film the Dark Knight.

Moore has been under fire for putting a large banner of President Barack Obama as the Joker outside his downtown club.

Jeff Kelley is the editor of Tobacco Avenue which bills itself as "Richmond's Most Accurate Source of Mis-Information" and he joined us live via Skype to talk about the photo.

There are a number of ways to unpack the satire in this photo, but was your chief goal to give mister moore a taste of his own medicine?

An interesting aspect of this, is that Moore is a bit of a villain already in Richmond, he has found himself on the wrong side of the law many times.

There was an interesting discussion about freedom of speech, and few people don't believe that Moore and Club Velvet have every right to post the photo. Is this your way of exercising your own free speech?

See the video at right to see his responses to Ryan's questions.

If you'd like to see the photo for yourself, designed by Tobacco Avenue's Dana Craig and to read another story about the controversy, see the link at right.

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