Toddler killed in pit bull attack

By Ryan Nobles - bio | email
Posted by Terry Alexander - email

ORANGE COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - A young girl is dead, the victim of a pit-bull attack. Sheriff's deputies in rural Orange County say it was a terrible accident.

No one saw the attack happen, but a family member found the aftermath, shortly after 7, Sunday night. The 23 month old girl was found unresponsive with wounds all over her body.

She was rushed to UVA Medical Center where she later died.

The dog responsible for the young girl's death has already been euthanized.

Authorities say that the little girl wandered out of her house and into the path of the dog that was chained up next door.  It was there that the animal attacked.

"Apparently the mother was preoccupied for a short period of time," said Orange County Sherriff Mark Amos. "While she preoccupied, the child slipped out the door, when they realized she wasn't in the house, they looked for and a family member found her in the back yard where the dog was at."

Prior to this incident, the dog had lived in the neighborhood for 10 years without causing any problems.

A local animal rights group, Ring Dog Rescue called the combination of a chained up dog and an un-supervised child a quote "extremely dangerous situation".

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